The Song#7. Copacabana

Let’s just pretend it’s been only a couple of days since my last post, not like a half of a year. I love TV series! I’m actually planning to start a new section devoted to it. And start it not in half of a year, but quite soon. What I was talking about? TV series! I


What would I do for love? What is love? What would YOU do for love? For a long time I’ve been annoying my Facebook friends with a short and, from the first sight, easy question: What would you do for love? I’ve received 21 answers (yes, friends, I notice if you’re ignoring me, it’s not

MOVIEMMON #9. Bohemian Rhapsody

~ A story about one spontaneous decision to watch a movie, which ended up in obsession and motivation ~ «Bohemian Rhapsody» was a movie I’ve heard once about, but I did not have any specific expectations. Freddie Mercury was a singer I knew a little about, but deeper inside I’ve always felt there should be something

About losing soulmates

I liked one song line recently. “I’m sick of losing soulmates”. It seemed so powerful and meaningful to me. But…you know, if you lost him-her-them, that means it wasn’t about soulmates. It was problem-mate, mindset-mate, situation-mate. Even pain-mate. But soulmates…you don’t lose them: the souls’ connection is deeper. There is no right or wrong situation

Moviemmon #8. Loving Vincent

The reasons why we appreciate a work of art can be divided into two groups: rational and irrational. Irrational appreciation is based on abstract reflection like the way this piece of art touches your heart, how it brings forgotten images of your past to the fore, what strings of your soul start vibrating the moment you

Feel the love.

«People should fall in love with their eyes closed» said Andy Warhol once. I guess he did, at least I thought so when I chose this quote many years ago to post on my social network page. Why should my eyes be closed? Shouldn’t I see the face that I find the most beautiful, the

Do you remember Demi Lovato?

Do you remember Demi Lovato? Right, she used to be one of these sunny-funny girls from Disney Channel.On July 24, 2018 the 25-year-old singer and actress Demi Lovato has been hospitalized after drug overdose. Now her family is thinking about possible rehabilitation options for Demi. “Hm… Another drug-addicted star? Money spoils people. Remember all these

THE SONG #6. Florence Welch. No choir.

Song-writing is a hard work. It’s not only about the ability to match beautiful melody with meaningful (more or less) words. It’s about the courage to open your mind to the world. Thoughts and feelings are the most intimate thing you can ever entrust to anyone. And one day you decide to let everyone meet

Now in English

On the 19th of September my blog turned 1 year. Hooray! Certainly, my posts were not regular enough, but guys, its «anarchic blog», I warned you 😀 And now I start my blog in English. It still will be called «MOMMONART», but now it will be more difficult for me to share my thoughts 😀


Переплетение разных сфер жизни, разных аспектов одной темы  обычно и создает нечто особенное, что действительно достойно внимания и что по-настоящему трогает сердца. А война.. она не переплетается с другими сферами. Она может разгромить все настолько, что на фоне этих разрушений истинно важные вещи становятся еще красивее. Правда, печально-красивее. Когда родной город иракского скрипача Ameen Mukdad