About losing soulmates

I liked one song line recently.

“I’m sick of losing soulmates”.

It seemed so powerful and meaningful to me. But…you know, if you lost him-her-them, that means it wasn’t about soulmates. It was problem-mate, mindset-mate, situation-mate. Even pain-mate. But soulmates…you don’t lose them: the souls’ connection is deeper. There is no right or wrong situation that may affect you two being … remaining soulmates.

However, if it is just a short-term connection caused by some particular circumstances…it isn’t about becoming soulmates. It is just some kind of mutual help and interconnection that may eventually end.

Stop thinking that you lose your soulmates. Stop feeling “sick” of losing soulmates. Think that simply another stage in your life came to an end and now you are free to look for your real soulmates.