What would I do for love? What is love? What would YOU do for love?


For a long time I’ve been annoying my Facebook friends with a short and, from the first sight, easy question: What would you do for love? I’ve received 21 answers (yes, friends, I notice if you’re ignoring me, it’s not hard). Finally, it’s time to reveal the answers and see the general tendencies in people’s perceptions of love.

First of all, I think, the question itself is kinda…questionable. Modern culture made us think that we need to somehow PROVE our feelings. You cannot simply love a person. You need to define the level of your feelings by imagining what could you do for the loved one.

Except unique options, three main trends can be found in the answers.

  • I would do everything for love…

People say they are ready to die, to do everything, to leave everything, to sacrifice themselves, to change themselves for love. But… is love really about hurting yourself? Is it about betraying yourself just to feel some kind of affection? Moreover, I don’t think most of us will ever be in a situation when they can sacrifice their life for love. LIFE. What’s the point of stating such exaggeration?


  • I would do nothing…

It’s easy. People were hurt once, and now aggressively oppose any idea of love. They say that they’re not ready to do anything, or that there is no such thing as love. “I’ve long lost my ability to love”. It’s all about sadness and grievance. We prefer to deny the value of something for us to avoid the disappointment. I love family holidays, but I prefer to say that I don’t really care about it so there are no expectations to be ruined by others’ plans. Got it?

  •  I would live for love…

It may be a simple denial of the popular phrase “I will die for love”. It may be a specific perception: love gives me strength for life and I could live just for love.


Then, there were some unique answers.

I would do nothing for romantic love, but everything for some idea

This person was hurt? Again? No, I think it’s a denial of the popularized concept of romantic love.

Learn to love

It’s about changing yourself, again, but…in some other, positive way. I think, learning to love leads to self-improvement. We all know that you cannot love others if you you don’t love yourself. You cannot love others in a right way if you still need to fight the demons inside you. We all learn to love, we’re not always born with this ability.

Wait, what if it is about learning to love AGAIN?


olerate many disgusting things

This sounds so realistic 🙂 And healthy. For me, this is the healthy style of self-sacrifice. You cannot expect that you and another person will be okay with each other’s actions all the time. Some habits may annoy you, but for the love you will tolerate them. It’s even cute 🙂

Everything except…

Another healthy approach. I don’t say that you cannot love someone to the level that you can sacrifice A LOT for this person. I say that you need to be honest. In anonymous quiz you can be finally honest with yourself. You can do everything for the loved one, except… (find the borders that fit you).

That’s it. Oh, of course, there were a few jokes and a few awkward hints from people using the anonymous style of quiz.

What do we have in the end? Not only the question itself, but the majority of the answers reflect popular culture. This model of self-sacrificing love is unhealthy. Love drives us crazy, but it is in our strength to keep ourselves from the extremes. Don’t wish to die for love. Don’t live only for this one small thing you thought is love. This unhealthy perception may mislead you. You will not accept others’ commitments if they do not seem to be reaching the imaginary level you thought was right once. You will not look for calm, equal and relaxed style of relationship — you will find it wrong if you don’t get a chance to PROVE your love by hurting yourself.

Hm… at the end of the day…love in any way you find right. YOU find right. Not the way pop-culture instilled in you. YOU find right. Love.

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