Now in English

On the 19th of September my blog turned 1 year. Hooray!

Certainly, my posts were not regular enough, but guys, its «anarchic blog», I warned you 😀

And now I start my blog in English. It still will be called «MOMMONART», but now it will be more difficult for me to share my thoughts 😀

This decision came from my strange habit: I like challenging myself. I know that I need to force myself to work harder — in any other way I will keep lying on my bed watching lovely YouTube 😀

8I thought that I would start my English blog with something serious, like an interview with modern collage artist Sara Shakeel. I tried really hard to make this idea come true, but something went wrong. And I’m sure, now I have only two options: to start writing articles in English no matter what, or to wait another year or two.

So, long story short: welcome!

I have a lot of ideas, I have many posts ready to be published and I have no time at all for this. Sounds, like cool circumstances to start a new page.

I will make some mistakes, my view will be too personal and my topics will be terribly random. But success never comes to those who don’t act.

They say, a person can change personality while switching the language he/she speaks. Who knows, maybe I’ll be more proud of my «English-Speaking» personality? 😀