THE SONG #6. Florence Welch. No choir.

fd279aad-b476-42aa-af67-473576438325 - копияSong-writing is a hard work. It’s not only about the ability to match beautiful melody with meaningful (more or less) words.

It’s about the courage to open your mind to the world. Thoughts and feelings are the most intimate thing you can ever entrust to anyone. And one day you decide to let everyone meet your inner world.

Repetition of the words that remind you about your pain, mistakes and weird memories as an act of revealing the darkest corners of your mind to the world is pure braveness. Florence Welch is pure braveness. Pure beauty. Pure art.



On June 29 Florence Welch from “Florence and the Machine” released her new album called “High as Hope”. You need to check it out. In my view, the album is mostly devoted to the comprehension of old mistakes and problems. Some of the lyrics are so personal that you feel like only Florence Welch has the right to sing them out loud.

Who is Florence? A British singer, redhead weird princess of some magic world (I assume).

It took me long to find the way I want to introduce Florence to you. Should I analyze all of her albums? Or may I just show you some videos that I usually share on my Facebook page?

Things were easier at the time of my first “The Song” post in 2016 ( But were they? No. The reason for this postponement (nearly a month) is that Florence isn’t an ordinary singer for me. She is my friend (in my mind). She always knows what I feel and I always support everything she creates. I respect her and she heals me in tough times.

So maybe I should just let you read the lyrics that touched my heart?


The song “No Choir” from “High as Hope” album seems to be something that I could write.
Actually, I couldn’t, because I’m not brave enough. Florence is.

Can you feel that?

And it’s hard to write about being happy
‘Cause the older I get
I find that happiness is an extremely uneventful subject

And there would be no grand choirs to sing
No chorus could come in
About two people sitting doing nothing

But I must confess
I did it all for myself
I gathered you here to hide from some vast unnameable fear
But the loneliness never left me
I always took it with me
But I can put it down in the pleasure of your company ♥

And there will be no grand choirs to sing
No chorus will come in
And no ballad will be written
It will be entirely forgotten

And if tomorrow it’s all over
At least we had it for a moment
Oh, darling, things seem so unstable
But for a moment we were able to be still

And there will be no grand choirs to sing
No chorus will come in
No ballad will be written
This will be entirely forgotten

La da da da da…